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Company K also known as the Mecklenburg Beaureguards, were raised in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina on September 13th 1861, by Captain James T Kell, and organized as the tenth company of the 30thNCT on September 26th 1861 at Camp Mangum North Carolina.

Engagements and Losses


Gaines’ Mill, Va 27th June 1862

KIA  Sgt S.Tedder

          Pvt G.W. Davis

          Pvt A. Hood

MW Sgt A.F. Steel

         Pvt J.H. McMullen

         Pvt J.L. Thomason

WD  Pvt R.S. Massingill

         Pvt J.N. Wolfe


Malvern Hill, Va 1st July 1862

KIA Pvt J.R. Robinson

 WD 3rd Lt J.T. Downs

          Pvt W.H. Moses

          Pvt J.H. Black

          Pvt G.H. Jennings

          Pvt J.A. Younts


Sharpsburg, Md 17th Sept 1862

KIA  Pvt J.H. Black

          Pvt A.J. Dunn

MW Pvt J. Baker

          Pvt J.R. Stephenson

WD  Cpl M.F. Ezzell

          Pvt A.A. Culp

          Pvt D.E. Johnston

          Pvt R.B. Weeks

Cpt’d Pvt A.L. DeArmond

          Pvt J.H. Howey

          Pvt W.E. Williamson


Fredericksburg, Va 13th Dec 1862

WD  Pvt A.L. DeArmond

         Pvt W.D. Russell


Chancellorsville, Va 3rd May 1863

KIA  Cpl W.L. Hartis

         Pvt R.C. Barnett

         Pvt J.M. Rea

MW Pvt M.J. Witherspoon

WD  Pvt J.P. Bales

         Pvt N.G. Barefoot

         Pvt B.C. Glover

         Pvt J.H. Johnston

         Pvt S.A. Johnston

         Pvt L. Thompson

         Pvt J.A. Younts


Gettysburg, Pa 1-3rd May 1863

MW Pvt A.E. Griffith

WD  Cpl E. Bales

W&C Cpl W.D. Russell


Bristoe Station 12-14th Oct 1863

  No Casualties Reported for the Company


Kelly’s Ford, Va 7th Nov 1863

KIA    Capt J.G. Witherspoon

MW    Sgt S.J. Boyce

            Pvt L. Rayner

WD     Pvt S.D. Alexander

            Pvt T. McLane

Capt’d Sgt A.L. DeArmond

           Cpl A.A. Culp

           Pvt W.H. Adkins

           Pvt J.L. Alexander

           Pvt J.A. Bailey

           Pvt J.W. Graham

           Pvt J. Myers

           Pvt R.B. Wolfe


Mine Run 27th Nov-1st Dec 1863       

 No Casualties Reported for the Company


Wilderness, Va 5-6th May 1864

Capt’d Pvt W. Sample


Spotsylvania, Va 8-23rd May 1863

Kia   Sgt J.T. Lee

          Sgt R.B. Weeks

          Pvt J.M. Alexander

          Pvt J.W. Squires

MW  Pvt S.A. Johnston

          Pvt T.P. Duckworth

          Pvt J.N. Ross

WD  Cpl B.G. Nichols

          Pvt W.D. Russell

          Pvt S.L. Dixon

          Pvt J.G. Hall

          Pvt J.H. Nelson

Capt’d Pvt W. Adams

          Pvt W.H. Adkins

          Pvt G. Dunn

          Pvt J. Nichols

          Pvt J.M. Pierce

          Pvt M.L. Simpson

          Pvt J.S. Smith


Cold Harbor, Va 1-3rd June 1964

WD  Capt W.E. Ardrey


Fort Stevens, D.C. 12th July 1864

Capt’d Pvt W.H.Robinson


Snicker’s Gap, Va 18th July 1864

KIA   Sgt J.N. Black

MW   Sgt A.L. DeArmond

WD    Pvt W. Bailey

           Pvt  J.C. Saville


New Charlestown, WV 21st Aug 1864

   No Causalities reported for the company


Winchester,Va 19th Sept 1864

WD    1st Lt J.T. Downs

            Pvt J.H. Howey

            Pvt J.H. Johnston


Fisher’s Hill, Va  22nd Sept 1864

Capt’d  Pvt O.L. Pierce

               Pvt W.M. West

W&Capt’d Sgt A.A. Culp


Cedar Creek, Va  19th Oct 1864

WD    Pvt H.G. Barefoot

           Pvt J.G. Hall

W&Capt’s  Pvt W.L. Hood


Appomattox Campaign, Va 2-9th April 1865

Capt’d  Sgt W.D. Russell

               Pvt  M.W.H. Bently

               Pvt  A.F. Fields

               Pvt  J.W. Graham

               Pvt J.F. Hall

               Pvt J.F. Harvey

               Pvt J.F. McQuay

               Pvt D.M. Miller

               Pvt J.H. Nelson

               Pvt E. Simmons

               Pvt L.R. Thomas


Surrendered at Appomattox 9th April 1865

             Capt Wm E Ardrey

             Sgt E M Bales     (Enlisted 13th Sept 1861)

             Sgt B G Nichols

             Sgt Wm S Smith (Enlisted 13th Sept 1861)


             Pvt M J Anderson

             Pvt  J P Bales      (Enlisted 13th Sept 1861)

             Pvt  J C Burton

             Pvt  S L Dixon

             Pvt  Wm L Hood (Enlisted 13th Sept 1861)

             Pvt  J H Howey    (Enlisted 13th Sept 1861)

             Pvt  T J Orr

             Pvt  Wm J Ross    (Enlisted 13th Sept 1861)

             Pvt  J M Saville

             Pvt  J B Squires

             Pvt  Wm B Thomas



Misc Actions

              12th Aug 1862

WD       Pvt L. Thompson


              12th Sept1862 

Capt’d         Pvt J.G. Hall

Capt’d          Pvt J.B. Squire


              17th Sept 1862

Capt’d          Pvt J.H. Hartis


               24-25th May 1864

MW              Pvt S.B. Lee


               27th May 1864

WD               Pvt W.L. Hood


               30th May 1864

Capt’d           Pvt R.S. Massingill


                30th May 1864

WD                J.A. McLure


                8th July 1864

Capt’d          E.D. Bailey


                 22nd Aug 1864

WD               M.W.H. Bently


                 13th Sept 1864

Capt’d        O.L. Pierce



Total Casualties for Company

Surrender at Appomattox          15

KIA Killed in Battle                    39

Wounded and or Captured        65

Deserted                                       12

Transferred to other branches  22

Unaccounted                                7


Total troops enlisted in co K     160





Ages of the men as they enlisted on the company


16yrs-6    21yrs-2  26yrs-6  31yrs-3  36yrs-2  41yrs-3

17yrs-11  22yrs-7  27yrs-4  32yrs-1  37yrs-4  42yrs-5

18yrs-10  23yrs-8  28yrs-8  33yrs-7  38yrs-1  43yrs-3

19yrs-19  24yrs-8  29yrs-5  34yrs-4  39yrs-2  44yrs-2

20yrs-4    25yrs-2  30yrs-3  35yrs-5  40yrs-6 

Unknown ages of 20 recruits

Co K Roster of Officers and Enlisted


Capt. James T Kell

(13th-26th Sept 1861)

Capt Benj F. Morrow

(26thSept 61-1st May 62)

Capt John G Witherspoon

(1st May 62-7th Nov 63)

Capt William Erskine Ardrey

(18th Feb 64-Apr 1865)


Lt Charles Edwin Bell

Lt James T Downs

Lt John T Downs

Lt Nathan D Orr


Sgt Elijah M Bales

Sgt John M Black

Sgt Aaron L DeArmond

Sgt Edward Payson George

Sgt Abner B Hood

Sgt James T Lee

Sgt John Wesley McKinney

Sgt Burgess G Nichols

Sgt Wm D Russell

Sgt Wm Stewart Smith

Sgt Andrew F Steel

Sgt Sidney Tedder

Sgt Rufus B Weeks

Sgt Thomas D Wolfe


Cpl Samuel T Boyce

Cpl Henry T Cotlharp

Cpl Aley A Culp

Cpl Andrew J Dunn

Cpl Moses F Ezzell

Cpl Wilson L Hartis


Pvt Wm Adams

Pvt Wm H Adkins

Pvt J Lee Alexander

Pvt James M Alexander

Pvt Samuel D Alexander

Pvt Thomas P Alexander

Pvt James J Allen

Pvt M J Anderson

Pvt Wm Anderson

Pvt Elias D Bailey

Pvt James A Bailey

Pvt Wm Bailey

Pvt Jeptha K Baker

Pvt James Parks Bales

Pvt Noah Gideon Barefoot

Pvt Robert C Barnett

Pvt N J Bell

Pvt Moses Wm H Bently

Pvt James H Black

Pvt John S Black

Pvt Thomas A Black

Pvt R Bowman

Pvt V B Bradshaw

Pvt James H Brewer

Pvt Henry Brinkley

Pvt J C Bristow

Pvt J C Burton

Pvt Eli Church

Pvt Martin Church

Pvt Andrew S Coffey

Pvt John D Cowan

Pvt M F Craig

Pvt M C Crain

Pvt Israel Crowell

Pvt Geo W Davis

Pvt S L Dixon

Pvt Wm Henry Downs

Pvt Thomas P Duckworth

Pvt Andrew S Dunn

Pvt Geo Dunn

Pvt Samuel W T Dunn

Pvt Absalom F Fields

Pvt James H Gamble

Pvt Pressley George

Pvt Benj Clint Glover

Pvt John W Graham

Pvt John J Griffin

Pvt Aaron E Griffith

Pvt John G Hall

Pvt Joseph L Hall

Pvt Robert B Hall

Pvt John H Hartis

Pvt John F Harvey

Pvt W M Henderson

Pvt Wm Taylor Henderson

Pvt Ben Holmes

Pvt Wm L Hood

Pvt John Hoyle Howey

Pvt Wm Howey

Pvt Geo W Jennings

Pvt G W Johnson

Pvt David E Johnston

Pvt James Henry Johnston

Pvt S A Johnston

Pvt Hugh Y Kirkpatrick

Pvt James A Lee

Pvt Samuel B Lee

Pvt W H Lewis

Pvt R Munroe McKinney

Pvt Thos McLane

Pvt J A McLure

Pvt James H McMullen

Pvt Joseph F McQuay

Pvt R S Massingill

Pvt David M Miller

Pvt Jos G Milton

Pvt James T Morris

Pvt W T Morris

Pvt James Myers

Pvt John H Nelson

Pvt J Nichols

Pvt Thom J Orr

Pvt Wm S Paterson

Pvt James S Paterson

Pvt James L Paxton

Pvt James M Pierce

Pvt J M Pierce

Pvt Orren L Pierce

Pvt J R Potts

Pvt John L Rayl

Pvt Lovet Rayner

Pvt James Milton Rea

Pvt Wm W Richardson

Pvt James R Robinson

Pvt Wm H Robinson

Pvt J Newell  Ross

Pvt Wm J Ross

Pvt Wm Sample

Pvt John Crockett Saville

Pvt Alexander D Shaw

Pvt D H Shelby

Pvt Elisha Simmons

Pvt Jefferson Simpson

Pvt Marcus L Simpson

Pvt J D Smith

Pvt J S Smith

Pvt S Black Smith

Pvt James S Squires

Pvt John Brown Squires

Pvt Arthur G Stancil

Pvt James R Stephenson

Pvt Henry Tart

Pvt Lewis R Thomas

Pvt Wm B Thomas

Pvt John L Thomason

Pvt James Thompson
Pvt Lee Thompson

Pvt Lewis R Thompson

Pvt Thom J Thrower

Pvt J G Wall

Pvt Marquis L Wallace

Pvt Silas L Walston

Pvt Wm Webb

Pvt Wm M West

Pvt W E Williamson

Pvt Wm C Wingate

Pvt Mitty T Witherspoon

Pvt John N Wolfe

Pvt Robert B Wolfe

Pvt Wyatt Yeargen

Pvt John A Younts

Pvt Samuel T Younts

Phillip Henry (company Cook)


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