Update 10th April 2019

Join us in working to preserving this part of our state’s history

       The 30thNCT under Gen Cox’s  was assigned to Early’s command in the Valley District.  Some time that fall the Regiment was issued   5th bunting battle flag- possibly from the Staunton Depot.  This flag served her regiment untill April 1865, where under the command of Capt D.C. Allen, was surrendered along with 6 officers and 147 enlisted.

   The current condition of the flag is most critical. The

assumption of historians is the missing pieces were taking by either 30thNCT soldiers, or Federal soldiers looking to take home a

war token.

       Several members of the 30thNCT paid a visit to the flag and its ajoining flag pole in the fall of 2009 and again in July 2012. From there we set a goal to raise the funds nessessary to not restore- but to preserve the flag.  The price for preserve this flag was $10,165 which in the beginning of June, the flag had completed preservation and has been returned to the NC History Museum.

We would like to thank all people and organizations that have assistes us with gathering the funds to complete this mision.


A tribute and ceremony will possibly be held in the future at the

 NC State History Musem.

Stay tuned for details about that event!








We cannot save our history alone.

Donations accepted towards our next preservation goal.


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Extra special thanks to the North Carolina State Museum of History, and Ben Tart for sharing this flag

with our members and giving us this opportunity to preserve this fragile part of history