Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What branch of service is the 30th N.C. Troops: infantry, artillery or cavalry?

The 30th NCT is an infantry unit. There are also artillery, cavalry and other specialized branches of service in the hobby. 80% of all Civil War soldiers were in the infantry.

2.      If I decide to become a Civil War re-enactor, should I participate as Confederate, Union or both?

The 30th N.C.Troops, like most North Carolina re-enactors, portray both Union and Confederate troops on some occasions. In the hobby itís called "galvanizing." We portray the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves (38th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry) approximately 20% of the time. Here in the South, re-enactment groups do this in order to keep the Union-to-Confederate ratios historically accurate at events. Up North, many Union groups galvanize as Confederates for the same reason.

3.      Can I portray a more specialized impression such as musician, surgeon or pastor?

We are actively recruiting musicians: fifers and drummers. We have a pastor who serves at that post for our battalion. Occasionally, surgeonsí assistants are needed. Our group, like most, is primarily looking for infantry soldiers to fill the ranks. If you aspire to have a specialty impression it is highly encouraged that you spend a couple of years in the hobby to learn and research more about the different impressions.

4.      Should I join a family-oriented unit or one that is for men only?

Different units allow and or encourage different levels of participation by family members This does not mean that you need a family to join us, only that we maintain more of a family atmosphere in camp. We usually have one or two campaign events each year that are for male members only. We have a companion organization for our wives and children who want to do civilian impressions. Please visit the "About Us" and "Francis Marion Parker" pages on this website to learn more.

5.      What is the meaning of the terms "progressive," "campaigner" and "mainstream"?

There are many different ways to participate and enjoy the hobby, none of them are wrong but there are some impressions that portray the American Civil War solider and life in the army more accurately. Campaigner groups for example focus their time on historical accuracy, research of their uniforms and the events they participate in, they do not allow family participation but do have some civilian organizations. Mainstream groups such as our regional affiliate: the 1st NC Battalion and the First Division, ANV (Army of Northern Virginia) are composed of family and non-family oriented units. They bring a lot of comfort items to events and do not put as much time or effort on research into certain things like drill, soldierís appearance or camp atmosphere. None of this is wrong, again there are many different ways to enjoy the hobby. The 30th NCT is considered a "progressive" family-oriented group. We research how the Tarheel soldier lived and fought during the American Civil War and how their families survived on the home front. We have strengthened our knowledge of drill, some of our items and equipment we make our selves copied from original pieces and we constantly look to improve our impressions in camp and on the field.

6.      How much will it cost to participate with the 30th NCT/ 9th Pa. Reserves?

No matter what infantry group you join, the cost is about the same. Most of the equipment you will need is listed here. On the average, you should look to invest from $800 to $1200 in either new or used equipment to put together a good impression. Your musket will be the single most expensive item, but with proper care it will last indefinitely as will most of your leather equipment. Some equipment and clothing can be borrowed from our Quartermaster Sergeant. We allow 12-18 months for the individual/family to acquire the basic equipment and clothing. We ask that before making any purchases, you seek the advice of one of our staff or experienced members to ensure that your money is well spent on quality, period authentic items that will last you in the hobby for years to come. Since our group is a non-profit corporation (501-c3), certain purchases and mileage to and from events are classified as charitable donations by the IRS. Consult a CPA before making any such deductions. We are incorporated as the Living History Association of North Carolina.

7.      Will I need to camp overnight at events?

Camping is almost a necessity. Some modern equipment is allowed such as cots and coolers, but these items must remain hidden in your tent. Overnight stays at hotels while the rest of the unit is in the field are not recommended. Large events draw lots of re-enactors, spectators and traffic. Traveling back and forth between your hotel and home unit at the event is often impossible due to large crowds and traffic control. Plus, a big part of the hobby is the laughter, fun and fellowship you get in camp and around the fire.

We want you to fully participate and enjoy your membership in the 30th NCT. The large events can be quite demanding.The smaller ones, less so. Our uniforms are made of wool and/or cotton. They will keep you warm in cold weather, but can be quite hot in summer. We encourage our members to live healthy, remain in reasonably good physical condition and take appropriate steps to maintain good condition at events. There are also several avenues of participation available in the hobby that are for those less physically capable: smaller local events, living history events, militia impressions, the Senior Reserve program, etc. Our members can answer any specific questions that you have about these.

American Civil War re-enacting is a worthy and noble hobby. Each year, thousands of Americans learn more about their nation and its past through the programs and events we present. The Living History Association of North Carolina wants you to make the best of your reenacting experience. We also want you to fit well within any group you ultimately choose to join. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have or any advice you need.

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