The new recruit should work towards getting their basic

North Carolina Uniforms and Equipment before investing in other kits


30th NCT  Early War, Enlistment to 1862 Uniforms and equipment

Jacket     NC 61’ Sack coat in satinette (black epaulettes) 6 NC state seal buttons

Pants       NC 61’ pants w/ matching black strip (see NC 61’ uniform regulations)

Hat         Mc Dowell Pattern Forage Cap, or similar NC pattern forage cap

Leather goods   .69 cal Cartridge Box, cap box

Waist belt        mix of pre war militia buckle and belt, roller buckle belt

Weapons          M1822, M1835, M1842 .69 cal smoothbore, and other flintlock conversion long arms


30th NCT Late War, Army of Northern Virginia 1864-1865 - Uniforms and equipment

Jacket:   NC Depot Shell Jacket- brown or gray Jeans Cloth or British army cloth,

              Richmond Depot II or III jeans cloth or British army cloth

Shirt:    Confederate, North Carolina issue or homespun made

Pants:     Richmond Depot or similar civilian style

Hat:        Civilian Slouch Hat

Knapsack:    prewar, federal issue, private purchase, foreign import

Leather goods   Mix of British import leathers, CS and US arsenal and Prepared cloth items

Weapons:   1853/1858 .577 British Enfield, US Springfield or similar 3 banded rifle musket

Note:  also consult the 1863 Confederate Regulations for other suggestions


9th Pennsylvania Reserves, Army of the Potomac- Uniforms and Equipment

Hat: Model 1858 Union “Forage Cap”. No brass horn insignia

Uniform: 4-button sack coat w/ eagle buttons & sky blue Kersey-wool pants.

Shoes: Black brogans.

Weapon: Same as 30th N.C.T. or 1861 Springfield Rifled Musket w/ Bayonet

Canteen: Any approved metal style.

Belt: Model 1856 black belt with oval “US” plate.

Cap Box: Model 1850, black.

Cartridge Box: Model 1855, .58 cal. with oval “US” plate & black sling with round “eagle” plate.

Mess Kit: Same as 30th N.C.T.

Haversack: Black “tarred” U.S. types.

Socks: Same as 30th N.C.T.

Shirt: Same as 30th N.C.T.

Suspenders: Same as 30th N.C.T.

Knapsack: Standard black “double-bag” types.

Tent: federal issue shelter halves

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